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Rebuild a better life after burnout.

You deserve a life of joy and purpose (whatever your wobbly self-esteem may tell you)!


Remember when you were full of hope, ready to make your mark on the world?

What would it mean to feel like that again?

To have more energy and unshakeable confidence.

To create space for the relationships that matter most. 


I'm Jo Russell, and as a mindset coach, I help clients worldwide—from senior executives to healthcare workers—to restore motivation, boost performance, and thrive at work and in life.

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Is burnout holding you back?

Burnout shows up in the physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that occurs after sustained periods of stress. You might associate it with frazzled executives and other professionals, but it can (and does) happen to anyone. At work. Within personal relationships. Physically. It doesn’t discriminate.  

Burnout manifests as chronic physical and mental fatigue. You may lack energy and have negative thoughts about your job. You might make more mistakes as your focus becomes increasingly impaired. Other telltale signs include: 

  • Behavioral changes, including avoidance of work
  • Lack of motivation to address the root cause of the problem
  • Zero energy, even for things you once enjoyed
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A drop in efficiency and productivity
  • Physical health issues (headaches, stomach problems, difficulty sleeping)
  • Compassion fatigue, particularly for healthcare professionals
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Thank you so much for your honest and direct approach, it’s hard to move past limiting beliefs and negative emotions and without you pushing me forward I would have remained stuck, unmotivated and unfulfilled.

You have shown me how to live my purpose and I consider myself blessed to have been able to work with you.”

~ Rachel

Has the career you loved left you exhausted and disillusioned?  Are your anxiety levels soaring while your self-esteem unravels?

Too often, life looks great from the outside, but inside we’re falling apart.

Risk factors for burnout include poor work/life balance, an overwhelming workload, trouble saying no, monotonous tasks, a dysfunctional work culture, perceived lack of control over your job, and inadequate social support.  

If any of these sound familiar, then I'm here to help you beat burnout and thrive. 

Let's Work Together to Build a Personalized Burnout Recovery Plan

Together, using powerful, clinically-proven NLP techniques, we’ll establish what’s holding you back. We’ll reframe and reorganize thoughts and feelings. And develop an ironclad plan that aligns your actions and values, brings greater clarity and self-awareness, and ensures you thrive long after our sessions have ended.

One-to-One Coaching

Call time on exhaustion, anxiety, and spiraling self-doubt. This intensive bespoke session, designed around your specific needs, gets to the heart of what’s holding you back and driving behaviors—fast.

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Corporate Coaching

I educate and coach professionals through burnout and tailor packages to help corporations to create a positive culture that boosts productivity, restores motivation, and instills clarity and passion in your workforce.

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Setting boundaries (in work and relationships) isn’t easy, but you can do it.

I know because I've walked in your shoes.  You’ve already taken strides towards a better life by deciding that enough is enough.

As you explore the behaviors that hold your back, take heart in knowing that I used the same methods to master my mindset—to emerge stronger and happier than before. 

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